Paradise Cruises Reasserts Customer Centred Culture

Paradise Cruises Reasserts Customer Centred Culture
HaLong, Vietnam (28 July 2011) – Paradise Cruises, 5-star Cruise Company in Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh Province, is intensifying its continuous efforts to offer a high-class service quality and reinforce the Paradise signature in luxury cruising.
In order to give a refreshing impulse to its care for the guests, Paradise Cruises has launched at the end of June a Customer Focus Campaign that is meant to ensure that the standards provided by the company since its creation in 2008 will not weaken and even, will perpetually be improving. 
With 9 luxury boats departing from its private marina in Tuan Chau everyday and employing more than 200 people, Paradise Cruises has always tried to approach its work as major international hospitality companies do. The standards defined for its main fleet, Paradise Luxury (4 boats of 17 cabins each), the private Paradise Privilege (2 boats of 3 cabins), the Paradise Explorer day-boats and the highly innovative masterpiece, Paradise Peak (an extremely luxury vessel composed of 8 suites and unprecedented facilities and services), have always been set at the highest levels and the company is vouching to keep it this way. “We have an international top-class clientele; we need to offer international top-class standards”, declares Nguyen Cao Son, General Manager. 
First step of the campaign, gathering 15 members, Executive Management and Heads of departments including Sales, Marketing, F&B, Cruise Managers, Human Resources, Housekeeping, IT, Purchases, Quality, and the General Manager, a board has been constituted to suggest innovations and carry them out. With scheduled weekly meetings and a strong emphasis on collaboration, communication and participation, this new campaign goes even further than the final service offered. “We are increasing our feeling of collectiveness and team spirit.” 
Driven by the General Manager, the project has come to life thanks to the presence of the new Quality Manager, Caroline Thomas, who joined the team in March 2011. She has herself vowed to guarantee that these practices will turn into everyday habits for the dynamic Paradise Team. “Striving for excellence in the service industry is a continuous uphill battle which starts with the inner working of the organisation”, says Caroline. “We need to look at the bigger picture. The whole company is involved in the service we are delivering and it is only by evaluating the organisation and ensuring positive management and working methods that we will ensure a service offered that will fulfil and hopefully even exceed our guests’ dreams of a luxury cruise in Halong bay”. 
Looking at the company and service as a whole and as a complex system, where all departments and members are part of this “whole”, interconnected and interacting, the campaign takes into account every single aspect of the service, from end to end. “The main point we want to highlight”, declares Caroline, “is that every single member of this company is responsible for the experience offered to the customers and every single member of this company is involved in the creation of the Paradise Customer Service.” 
From its earliest days, Paradise Cruises has made it its major characteristic to be in perpetual development and encourage innovations in order to keep offering unique products and experiences. Consistently, the customer focus considers every step taken in the delivery and consumption of the service and questions every aspect to find innovative ways to imprint, in every instant of the experience, the unique “Paradise Touch”. From information enquiry to after-cruise follow-up, all these new ideas will not only raise the guests’ experiences on board the cruise ships but also put into place renewed and improved standards and practices. “We are confident that upon completion, our guests will truly enjoy their cruise but more importantly remember it for the rest of their lives”, affirms one of the Cruise Managers, Jonas Hjerpe. 
The customer has always been Paradise Cruises’ number one priority. Reaffirming its customer-centred culture at all levels within the company and encouraging members to collaborate and take part in emphasising this priority is seen not only as vital for a long-term, sustainable growth of the company, but first and foremost as part of its identity. “Our guests are our reason to be”, reminds the team. 
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