Keep Halong Bay Beautiful

Keep Halong Bay Beautiful While traveling around Halong Bay, there are many things for tourists and residents to see and enjoy. With sightseeing, boat tours, cave exploration, and shopping at the markets, there are numerous options to attract travelers. While absorbing the beauty of Vietnam, be aware that not everyone is as focused on protecting this UNESCO World Heritage Site.
In fact, one of the greatest threats to the beauty of Halong Bay is from the passing tourists. Here are some things to avoid and be aware of while visiting Halong Bay.
Buy Smart
The first risk to the area is through common souvenir hunters. These may be from residents who collect protected items for sale in the markets, or from travelers who seek to find their own souvenirs. Some marketplaces may attempt to sell unusual relics from the area. Avoid purchasing from shops which are selling coral fragments, unusual shells or unique stones, as these may have been illegally removed from protected areas such as the local caves. Many of these items are converted into rings, key chains, desk weights and ashtrays which are offered for sale to unsuspecting travelers. Buying these items creates a black market and will only lead to the further vandalism of Halong Bay. Please help to discourage these traders by refusing to buy these items.
Admire the Coral from a Distance
Coral mining is one of the most common forms of damage caused by tourists. Coral grows at an extremely slow rate, and these living organisms develop a hard outer shell, which create reefs over thousands of years. Since coral grows at a varying rate that depends on ocean temperatures and water conditions, there is no guide to know how long it will take to recover from any damage. Travelers need to be aware that with the number of tourists that pass through Halong Bay each year, there will be no coral left if even a fraction of those people each collect a coral fragment. Many signs are posted to discourage and remind tourists of this regulation. Admire coral from a distance, but please refrain from taking any home as a souvenir.
Look, Don’t Touch
Rock formations in the bay are subject to erosion, and many of these karst formations seem to be balancing precariously already. For these reasons,rock chipping is discouraged. The vandalism of the caves results in damages that cannot be restored for hundreds of years. Yet, each year stalactites and stalagmites are broken off within the numerous caves around Halong Bay. When you tour the beautiful caves in the region, feel free to take pictures and admire the natural art. However, avoid touching or breaking the formations, which causes permanent damage to the caves.
As the coastal home to numerous forms of fish, crustaceans, and mollusks, as well as the tropical environment for an entire ecosystem, there are literally thousands of species that depend on Halong Bay. Some of these plants and animals are particularly rare and unique to the area. While traveling this beautiful tropical paradise, be sure help to keep the bay beautiful for all of the future generations to enjoy.
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